A selection of fresh and zesty flavoured cakes freshly baked in card moulds.  They are individually wrapped in recyclable paper before being nestled in tissue paper and placed in a gift box.  Each cake is lovingly baked by hand to order in our 5 star rated kitchen and can be frozen if required.   We only use free range eggs.


The collection includes three flavours in various combinations:  

Lemon Drizzle cake - the classic cake.  A light and moist lemon flavoured sponge with a lemon  syrup drizzle over the top.  

Orange Yoghurt cake - a lovely fresh flavoured cake with yoghurt and fresh orange juice decorated with fresh orange zest.

Lemon Curd cake - a light lemon flavoured cake filled with homemade lemon curd. Perfect for those who love lemon.


Available in three options:

4 x mini square cakes - 2 x Lemon Drizzle, 2 x Orange Yoghurt - each cake is a generous individual portion or can be halved.  Approximately 100g each.    £14.00 + postage


4 x mini loaf cakes - 2 x 2 x Lemon Drizzle, 2 x Lemon Curd - each cake is a generous individual portion or can be halved. Approximately 100g each.    £14.00 + postage


9 x mini round - 3 x Lemon Drizzle, 3 x Orange Yoghurt, 3 x Lemon Curd - each cake is approximately 65g (cupcake size).  Perfect for sharing.     £18.00 + postage


Zesty Sponge Collection

PriceFrom £14.00
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